3D printing


Our 3D printer has dual nozzles that are independent of each other so it can print in duplicate and mirror mode. We can also choose different colors or materials that work at the same time. In addition, we can print soluble support (such as PVA) to accurately implement models that are difficult to create.

We can print from your 3D files but also from hand sketches.

Vi bruge også 3D scanning af komponenter eller personer.  

Build volume: 300x300x350mm Tolerances: ±0.1mm


Normally we print with TPU, PLA, PVA and PETG but we can other materials can also be used.

3D printing prototype af "kloak robot"

This prototype was developed for TinyMobileRobots as a school project. We used 40 hours for design and over 100 for printing. The prototype is now ready for programming and tests.

3D printing projects as a studen of Business Academy Aarhus.

Benefits of 3D printing for product development