About us


In 2020, Rafal Jan Ziemianin established ZEMANN ApS which is based in Horsens. 

The beginning of my career was in Poland, where I come from. In 2008 I accepted the opportunity of working and living in Denmark.

I saw the opportunity to pursue education in my interests and as an Industrial Technician and I gained further hands-on experience in the metal industry. Further education as Production Technologist allowed me to immerse myself in the more theoretical approach to design and production. Now, as a professional bachelor in Product Development and Technical Integration, I have established my own company and am ready for new challenges.

ZEMANN will further develop into a specialized supplier and partner for a number of companies.

Rafal Jan Ziemianin



ZEMANN offers technical consulting, design, documentation and production og components and constructions of highest quality and with competitive prices.


At ZEMANN, we want to develop our core competences in order to reach a wider segments of clients and demands.